Hi, I am Somaneh Bouba, I hail from Mali and Senegal. I was a high-flying engineer and entrepreneur working on my African Dream when I found myself having to stay in the USA with my wife and sons, to receive life-saving heart treatment.

I survived congestive heart failure caused by a congenital heart defect, lived with the risk of sudden cardiac arrest without being aware for a long time. Despite, years of therapies, multiple events, milestones, locations… In 2017, I underwent open-heart surgery to implant an LVAD pump inside my heart, while I wait for a heart transplant.

Here, I share an unfiltered account of my lived experience with my illness and the support system that is helping me to stay alive, be successful, and aspire to self-actualization, and how he still has faith in life, hope for tomorrow, and dreams for the future.

I blog as a patient because I strongly believe it is critical that the patient’s point of view is made more relevant and informs the improvement of therapies and healthcare systems.

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