My first action plan to deal with my heart condition heart health…

When I was first diagnosed with my chronic illness in 2012, I put together a plan to deal with my condition. It constituted a measure that had an important impact in the process. This 5-point plan would come to change and evolve over the years. Working through the set goals made me feel somewhat in control and gave me more and more confidence with time.

A. Collaborate with the care team – 
Dealing with chronic illness involves developing a sound relationship with your care team. […]

Storytelling at its finest

Every walk of life is something spectacular to behold — to be able to see the world from a different perspective. We tend to forget that we all are these different sailboats navigating the waters of life and that it is imperative to create communities and share our stories with each other.

The current that guides my life has created various experiences for me — from humble beginnings to my outlook towards my life with a heart condition, I can encourage others to remain positive on their journey to heart health. […]

My recovery process

Hi Friends: It has been quite a few weeks since I’ve last reached out to you. I hope this update finds you well. My mantra has been Trust the process. So far, the process is going pretty well. We are grateful!
With Boston’s summer finally settling in, we’ve been enjoying the outdoors more – playing in the yard, at the basketball court, or riding through the neighborhood. Also, School has been out, so, we get even more time with the young boy – Buraq Abdou. […]

Going to cardiac rehab

Hi Friends:

Cardiac rehab has been going well. I am feeling stronger and able to take on more and more. I go to the hospital for my sessions three times a week. The days I don’t go, I walk around the neighborhood or go to the park. I ride the train to go to my follow-ups or for other errands. This way, I get to explore Boston differently, enjoying the scenery and watching people.

Looking at my indicators – one of the measures is the daily physical activity goal set in step counts. […]



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