Follow-up visits at the Brigham

My monthly check-up is always an event (See here). The team at BWH is super welcoming and supportive. We are in constant communication and they are always ready to help, reassure and encourage my family and me.

This month, I can safely say – RAS (‘Rien à signaler’, meaning ‘nothing to report’ in French). All the numbers look good, the device has been working well, the exit site looks fine…

We hope things would remain positive and continue to improve. […]

The beginning of a resurgence

The response to the launch of the blog (along with the Heart Mate documentary) has been tremendous, encouraging, and overwhelming at times.

​I reconnected with many old friends and family, I had been out of touch with for so long. […]

Thank you: Sutter Health, Sacramento – CA

This month, I’m thanking my team at Sutter Medical Center (Sutter Health) in Sacramento, California, and the YALI Initiative, the Energy Group cohort based at UC Davis, CA.

The first time I was booked at Sutter was Sunday, 19 June 2016. I spent a whole week at the hospital. The team ran tests until the nature of my condition was discovered – Left Ventricular Non-Compaction Cardiomyopathy or LNVC. […]

Cardiac rehab part 2

Unfortunately, due to meetings and other errands, I have not been consistent with three times weekly visits. Busy month, it has been. So, not a great month for me at cardiac rehab, but we’re ok.

At the centre, I make sure I am productive in my exercises, learn and gain as much as I can from the team and my fellow patients. […]



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