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COVID-19 Logs: Getting back to running

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Summer got here, but my body was not ready. Also, my scale decided to start bugging and show me some numbers I couldn’t accept. So, we had a little squabble. In any case, I had no good excuses – not my illness, not the pandemic, nothing… It was time to get a grip and get back on the tracks, so, did I, three weeks ago, on Monday. After a week, I manage to shed 8lb and keep them off.

Why am I getting back to running? My body needed a tougher challenge in terms of exercise. I thought of running (safely) has an effective option. My goal is to be running a 5km by the Fall. But, I can picture my medical team cringing as they read this. To them, I promise that I am being super careful. E.g.: I am going at a reasonable pace (60-70% level of exertion). And, in between training sessions, I give myself enough time to my body to rest and recover.

Talking about running, my dad was a Champion sprinter at his University in China and representing Senegal during the African Championships (He got Bronze). His nickname was the ‘Black Horse’. Actually, he would have gone to the Olympics if it weren’t for the rightful boycott by African countries of the Montreal Games when the IOC refused to ban New Zealand after the New Zealand national rugby union team had toured South Africa earlier in 1976 in defiance of the UN’s calls for a sporting embargo.

Growing up, he would often tell me, ‘Bouba,…, like running, or driving, in life, … you’d want to start strong and finish strong. But the win is in the journey. You have to manage the process well, making sure you don’t break your engine or another crucial part. During the journey, always strive for fluency, that’s where power comes from. Power with time gives you the energy’. And never forget that ‘you have got the intrinsic abilities in you to be succesful’.

How are you keeping your weight down and your energy level up!? I would love to know. Email me or respond in the comments.

Have a great week! Love from our giant hearts to you all!

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2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Logs: Getting back to running”

  1. Hey Bouba,
    Always a pleasure reading your inspiring posts.
    I’m thinking that I should issue a challenge regarding running the 5km
    In the Fall 😊
    Don’t be snickering I can do it!
    Let’s set a date.
    You continue to be an inspiration, and I continue to pray that we are spared a COVID19 visit🙏🏾



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