If I could vote, I’d vote for Joe and Kamala.

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If I Could Vote In The U.S., I’d Vote For Joe Biden (#46) and Kamala Harris.

Caution is usually recommended leading up to elections but watching unprecedented damage and incompetence; we must publicly share our desire for a U.S. leadership change. Never in the history of any group of people, organizations, or countries has such a pressing need for a leadership change.

My conscience pushed me to affirm my political stance publicly. This election is about defending the U.S.’s soul and defining who the country wants to be in the future. Somehow, I still believe that the current president does not reflect this nation.

3rd November 2020 – Many of us have been impatiently waiting for this day, for 1456 days.

But witnessing the current U.S. administration dangerously lead to the deaths of thousands more in the USA [from COVID-19] perpetuate the plight of black people versus police brutality and racism, in general, would be a shame if they can keep their jobs.

In such a short time in office, many members of the current regime have proved that their goal is precisely to implement regressive measures that begin to chip away at the core of the civil rights movement’s fundamental constructs.

Covid-19 caused a worldwide crisis. At no time in the history of the World, leaders have a greater need for leaders to appreciate the value of science in developing public policy. This was a test for leadership; with no treatment and reasonable options to combat a novel virus, countries needed to make hard choices about responding. Here in the U.S., leaders have failed that test because of the influence of the U.S. worldwide. The crisis turned into a tragedy, with a spectacular failure.

As an African,
As a black person,
As an engineer (son of an engineer and a doctor),
As a Muslim,
As the father of 3 black kids,
As the husband to an American wife of Caribbean descent,
And everything else I am and have.
I am pleading with you!

The USA still runs the World and will continue to run the World for a long time. The power of the brand ‘American’ will endure. 2016 felt like a bad dream, for many Americans, for the World, for the Earth; our universe cannot afford four more years of this regime, of this system.

Good on you if you have already voted (in person or by mail). If you have not yet voted, please vote #46 and Kamala. Please and Please!

We have the opportunity to vote:

  • against racism and racist systems (in the health sector and not only!!),
  • pro-science, for much-needed education and research (e.g: COVID-19) and advancements in tech and medical tech, and
  • in favor of caring for the one planet, we do have.

But voting is only the beginning. Each of us can and must play our role in forming our democracies, small or big, better humans, in a better world.

Happy voting day, and may you all be safe post-Nov 3rd!

Thank you.
-Bouba, Heart of a Giant

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