Live Meetings (Living with Heart Disease)

Live chats with other inspiring voices of the heart health community.

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A Heart of a giant Production

“I firmly believe it is critical that the patient’s point of view is made more relevant and informs the improvement of therapies and healthcare systems.”

Somaneh Bouba

Elle (06.06.21)

Healing and coming back better than before.

Shawn (06.19.21)

The 757 Renaissance Man on his journey with the LVAD.

Allyson (7.6.21)

How to build healthier communities and healthier lives through advocacy.

Past events

Pretty lady vs heart failure

On this call, Tina Marie will tell us about her experience with congestive heart failure, life with the LVAD (9 years and counting) and her work in advancing the cause of heart health.

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Heart failure or heart disco?

The first episode in our Living with Heart Disease series, we will talk to Melany Pertile. Melany will speak about her experience with heart failure and share her perspectives on heart health and chronic health in general.

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