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Welcome to Heart of a Giant!

Hi! I’m Somaneh Bouba, from Mali and Senegal. I live in Boston.MA with my wife and our three sons, two of whom are twin toddlers.

I survived congestive heart failure caused by a congenital heart condition and I am currently living with a HeartMate3 LVAD pump inside my heart while awaiting a heart transplant.

This wasn’t my plan. I’m an engineer, and in 2016, I founded an energy services company, back home in Senegal. That year, I traveled to the US as part of President Barack Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative. Shortly after the fellowship began, I was admitted to hospital with end-stage heart failure, and learned that for years I lived with the risk of sudden cardiac arrest due to irregular heartbeats.

Here, I talk about my lived experience with my illness and the support system that is helping me to stay alive, be successful, and aspire to self-actualization. I blog as a heart patient because I strongly believe it is critical that the patient’s point of view is made more relevant and informs the improvement of therapies and systems of healthcare.

My condition has intensified my faith in life, hope for tomorrow and dreams for the future.

Join me on this journey…

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